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  • Yuki The Talking Shiba Inu

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    This is a series of video clips showing some of Yuki’s tricks. She is a Shiba Inu. We spend a lot of time working with her every day. We’ve been teaching he some words and phenoms. She greets us at the door with a “Hello”, “Redrum” is another. She also demonstrates “Exorcist” where she throws her head around in a circle; and “Stick Em Up” & “Spread Em” where she puts her hands in the air and then goes spread eagle against a wall.

    We’ve had so much fun training dogs over the years that Roxanne is now a professional dog trainer.

    Shiba’s tend to be a bit troublesome socially, and they are known to be cat like (they don’t like to listen).

    Originally intended as a temp video to show some friends the popularity of it has made us keep it running and use it for promotional purposes.

    We thank EVERYONE for all the positive comments. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    James and Roxanne

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