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  • You Will Not Believe This Insane Paraglider | YouTube Nation | Monday

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    YouTube Nation is our new daily show that scours the web to help you find great videos weekdays 6pm PT / 9pm ET.

    Today, an insane paraglider risks his life to catch a bus, DJ Flula beatboxes at fifteen-hundred frames a second, and Hard Science gets drunk on hot bacon.
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    A Martin Luther King Day Celebration!
    Get Ready for a MIND EXPLOSION!

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    Thanks to Anthony Carboni for being our special guest!
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    Featured in this show:

    StereoTypes – Racial Identity
    By iamOTHER:

    Touch – Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
    Check out Flow (parkour & freerunning):

    Slow Mo Beatboxing
    Left Overs, A Song To Save You
    By Flula:

    Laughing Gas Infused Cocktails
    By Hard Science:

    NONI PoProd (User Submission)
    By NONI PoProd:
    Submitted by NONI PoProd:

    Midnight Juggernauts – Systematic (Official Video)
    By Record Makers:

    YouTube Nation
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    Jacob’s wardrobe provided by Band of Outsiders –

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