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    Hey guys,

    I did spend alot of time on this video, and i hope you guys will like it. I didnt care about the numbers. All of them deserves #1 :)

    The Superstars are;

    #10 Daniel Bryan gives Darren Young a No Lock
    #9 WM 26: John Cena wins the match by giving Batista a STFU
    #8 Alberto Del rio gives Kofi Kingstone a Cross Arm Breaker
    #7 CM Punk gives The Miz a Anaconda Vice
    #6 The Rock gives The Miz a Sharpshooter
    #5 Sheamus delivers a Cloverleaf to Jack Swagger
    #4 Triple H returns and gets a Kimura Lock by Brock Lesnar
    #3 Chis Jericho gives Edge a Walls of Jericho
    #2 Shawn Michaels gives The Undertaker a Sweet Chin Music
    #1 The Undertaker gives CM Punk Hells Gate


    I hope you did enjoy, and please Subscribe and Like this video. I worked so hard on it, I will make a TOP 10 Submission Video if this on gets good rates and views.

    * Canzb1

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