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  • Would you jump from 52 meters hanging from your toes? Cracks Flux Pavilion Bagjump Extreme

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    Song by Cracks – Flux Pavillion Remix

    The Bagjump activity Center at Port Noblessener in Tallinn Estonia opened their gates with a breathtaking show and lots of cool activities to do. It’s now open for public! The show constisted of Bagjump Teamriders Eetu Rintamaa and Jesse Ropponen jumping from 40meters into the Bagjump showing no fear at all. The highlight of the show was Daniel Moesl (Mösl) hanging from his toes upside down and then dropping into the Bagjump with a double front flip from 52 meters which is a free fall of 4 seconds (171 feet freedrop!!). The insane part is that this has never been done before and is a NEW WORLD RECORD! Daniel calls the trick a “Lucifer double front flip”. Lucifer due to him hanging upside down and spreading his arms into the death position. Just an insane extreme stunt only he is able to do in such a controlled but still safe way. Even the major of Tallinn Mr. Edgar Savisaar was thrilled to be there as well as all the Sponsors such as Bremea Icecream, Burton Snowboards, Renault, Sail Invest, Battery Energy Drink, APC Motors and Port Noblessener. What an extreme thrill even to watch, the adrenaline level from the spectators were almost as high as the ones of the Bagjumpers. Next World Record to come soon!

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