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  • WORLD’S BIGGEST and HUNGRIEST SNAKES (eating crocodiles, kangaroos, steenboks and more).

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    WORLD’S BIGGEST and HUNGRIEST SNAKES (eating crocodiles, kangaroos, steenboks and more).

    Verbatim text from world’s biggest snake video:

    “An African rock python feasting on a steenbok…

    Western Australia, a very large olive python seizing-up a dead wallaby…

    Malaysia, this particularly hungry Burmese python reportedly swallowed a pregnant sheep…

    An Everglades alligator proved more than this python could “chew” — we’d better call it a draw.

    We’re hoping that the reports of a passed-out drunk-man being eaten by this python are false…

    This 16-foot-long Burmese python was captured in Everglades National Park, Florida.
    It was reportedly killed to stop the dangerous spread of these skillful ambush predators — it also allowed biologists a unique study opportunity.

    This whopper — at nearly 23 feet — is one of the largest pythons held in prolonged captivity. Local Indonesian villagers are said to feed the beast a diet of 3-4 dogs a month.

    Contrary to popular belief, snakes do not dislocate or “unhinge” their jaws. Rather, a snake’s phenomenal flexibility is due to an elastic ligament between its jaws.

    Again in the Everglades, it seems that the Burmese python may have overtaken the American Alligator as Florida’s top predator…

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    ***The Music*** — called “Controlled Chaos” — was composed by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech:

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