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  • World Trade Center Twin Towers foreshadowing never before seen footage New York

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    Check out the WTC missing tape video:

    Is this a foreshadowing of what happened to the World Trade Center Twin Towers terrorist attacks?

    Here are some questions that need an answer:

    1) Where are the black boxes?
    2) Why did building 7 imploded?
    3) Why the Bush administration took so long to investigate the attacks?
    4) Why Norad conducted those military exercises the same day of 9/11?
    5) Why Bush & Cheney refused to be interrogated under oath?
    6) Why did the plane that hit the WTC looked like a military plane and not a commercial plane?
    7) Why did the buildings collapsed so fast?
    8) Why we didn’t see any parts of the plane that hit the Pentagon?
    9) Why did the Bush administration decided to attack Irak, (They didn’t have nothing to do with the attacks)?
    10) Why did the USA went to war with Irak under false pretenses?
    11) How much money did Dick Cheney (Halliburton) made because of the war in Irak?
    12) Why did Bush didn’t do anything when he heard about the attacks?
    13) Why the Bush administration took so long to react to the attacks?
    14) Why did the USA attacked Afghanistan if Osama Bin Laden born in Saudi Arabia?

    15) And the most important question:

    What is the The Obama Administration waiting to launch a full scale investigation?

    There is still time, let’s push our government to find the truth, they have to do it, unless they don’t want to find the truth…

    I was at the World Trade Center just three weeks before the attacks to the twin towers.
    Who will ever imagine something so terrible was going to happen just three weeks after my first trip to New York.?

    I remembered taking the footage with my Sony VX-2000 digital camera and just after 5-10 minutes of shooting, a security guard approached me, asking me what I was doing, checking my video camera and everything. Yes security was tight, but what can anybody do when you are being attach by two jetliners?

    I want to thank my mom for making me post this video. She asked me so many times to post it, so I finally did it, I never though I was going to get so many video views. As of March 18th, there are 110 people that didn’t like the video. I’m wondering what is that they didn’t like? maybe they were expecting to see the terrorist plotting the attack?.

    In my humble opinion, based on the information I have, it is a possibility that the Bush administration had something to do with the attacks, or what it’s worst, that they knew about it and didn’t do anything to stop it. Supposedly their goal was to have an excuse to invade Iraq, for Iraq’s oil of course, they succeeded.

    Please watch for more information about the World Trade Center terrorist attacks, skip to minute 40 if you want to see the section dedicated to the World Trade Center attacks, but you should watch the whole video, it will open your eyes.

    Do I think this video is a foreshadowing of what happened to the World Trade Center terrorist attacks?
    I never thought about it. But if you watch the video, you will see two planes approaching the twin towers, I also did a weird zoom to the top of the buildings when they appear and then disappear.

    Thank you for watching and reading this long video description, please rate, comment and subscribe.


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