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  • World Record Basketball Shot 180m (593 Feet) | How Ridiculous

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    On only the THIRD attempt, Derek breaks the Guinness World Record for the highest basketball shot ever, swishing one from a massive 180.968m (593.73 feet) off the top of Mauvoisin Dam in Switzerland! How Ridiculous!!
    Official Guinness World Record –


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    A big shout out to Spalding for helping make this world record become a reality! #TrueBelievers are True to the Game.
    Also Tourism Verbier, without you this would not have been possible. Such a beautiful part of the world, if you want to check it out for yourself head here

    Massive thanks to Duane Orriss for coming on the journey with us and helping to produce such an amazing video, you’re a seriously talented and creative legend!

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