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  • World record attemp. Jumping through 10 panes of glass.

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    This guy is my new hero !

    *LATE EDIT* Please click “Show More” for more details


    Since posting this video, I did a little more research.

    This text from The Daily Mail (UK newpaper)

    “A former Cirque du Soleil acrobat broke his neck instead of a world record when he attempted to flip through 10 panes of glass.

    Jesus ‘Half Animal’ Villa, from Las Vegas, slammed head-first into the glass in July and has spent months in hospital recovering.

    The daredevil now hopes to raise $100,000 to help pay for his ‘ultimate comeback’.

    *He already had a successful operation in July this year and but needs help with the costs which would also cover nursing and physical therapy.* (successful is good)

    ‘I had multiple, multiple fractures in my neck. There is no man or person alive with so much titanium down there (sic) neck and spine that’s walking.’

    In 2010 had his left hip replaced before setting two Guinness World Records 11 months after.
    But not everyone is supportive on Villa’s fundraising page.
    Sharon Easton wrote: ‘Not an ounce of sympathy or a cent of money. Take responsibility for your own (stupid) actions’.


    I hope this clear’s up the matter of his injuries. Like I say, hero ….. if not a little bit bonkers for even trying this!

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