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  • Woodworking – How to Make a Perfect Miter Joint – Table Saw Miter Sled Tips & Techniques

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    Woodworking – How to Make a Perfect Miter Joint – Learn table saw miter sled tips & techniques in this woodworking how to video. A miter joint is one of the basic woodworking joints that a woodworker produces in the wood shop. So, why not take pride in making a perfect miter joint every time. You can with a table saw miter sled, a clamp, and a stop block. Make sure to have a good, sharp saw blade and you are ready to produce great joinery.

    This woodworking tutorial features the building of a custom picture frame using miter joints. If you’ve done carpentry or woodworking there probably was a time or two when the miter joint was a challenge. This how to video shows how miter joints can be cut and fit with great accuracy. Work with confidence by using a dedicated miter sled for the table saw.

    For more woodworking information, read the following article and learn how to make a perfect miter joint.

    Be smart, work safe, and learn how to make a perfect miter joint!

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    Bob Simmons


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