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  • Woodworking – How to Make a Dado Sled for Table Saw

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    Woodworking – how to make a dado sled for table saw. One of my favorite crosscut sleds for the table saw is the dado sled. The woodworkers that learn how to make the dado sled will be glad they did. It’s a great woodworking project and can be completed in the workshop within a few hours.

    The Apprentice and The Journeyman provides a woodworking how to video tutorial on how to make a Dedicated Dado Sled for the table saw. The Dado Sled gives the woodworker control and accuracy as well as a measure of safety. This sled is great when used for woodworking joinery. (Tenons, half laps, rabbets, dadoes, and dentil mouldings to name a few.

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    Bob Simmons

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