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  • Woman Kills Pregnant Woman & Cuts The Baby From Her Dead Body Because Her Boyfriend.

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    Annette Morales-Rodriguez is accused of killing pregnant Maritza Ramirez-Cruz, stealing her unborn child, and trying to pass off the child as her own. Cops say Rodriguez stole the baby because her boyfriend wanted a child but she couldn’t have one.

    She faked a pregnancy, and told her boyfriend that it was time to have the baby. That’s when she decided to find a pregnant woman on Milwaukee’s south side and steal her baby. Rodriguez admits to police she thought about telling her boyfriend that she was not pregnant, but she just couldn’t do it.

    Rodriguez went cruising for a pregnant woman, she found Maritza Ramirez-Cruz and offered her a ride. Rodriguez eventually got Ramirez-Cruz into her home, and let Ramirez use her bathroom. Rodriguez attacked Ramirez-Cruz with a baseball bat as soon as she left the bathroom.

    After knocking down Ramirez-Cruz, Rodriguez then bound her using duct tape. She also put tape over the mouth of the pregnant Ramirez-Cruz, and covered her head with a plastic bag.

    Once Rodriguez killed Ramirez-Cruz, she cut the baby from her dead body. Rodriguez says she was trying to perform a procedure she saw on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL. The baby, which was 38 to 42 weeks in development, was not breathing when Rodriguez pulled it out.

    Rodriguez hid the body in her basement next to the water heater, and changed her bloody clothes. She wanted people to believe the child was hers so she put some of Ramirez-Cruz’s blood on her private areas. That’s when she called 911 claiming to have just given birth.

    Medical professionals were able to deduce that Rodriguez had not recently given birth, and the child was not hers. That’s when she decided to tell police the truth.

    If convicted on the charges, Rodriguez faces life in prison!

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