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  • Wolof film, English captions : LE VOLCAN (un film de Global Dialogues)

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    Global Dialogues. Un film en langue Wolof, English captions. L’histoire : Au retour de son mari qui travaille à l’étranger depuis très longtemps, cette jeune femme veut lui offrir une nuit de rêve mais elle a peur qu’il ait eu des aventures sans se protéger. Elle voudrait qu’ils refassent tous les deux les tests du VIH mais elle appréhende sa réaction. Idée : Liboke Limpho, 22 ans (Lesotho), Egbeleye Azeezat, 23 ans (Nigéria) et Ntamba Alon Johnas, 18 ans (Tanzanie) / Réalisation : Hamet Fall Diagne (Sénégal). Un film de la collection SCENARIOS D’AFRIQUE produit par Global Dialogues (
    Global Dialogues. English captions to learn English and for the deaf.
    Facebook page: “Global Dialogues” — please join us!
    Global Dialogues: Established in 1997, Global Dialogues combines the creative genius of young people and the power of social change media to cultivate empathy, compassion and unity in diversity. We amplify youth voice in an innovative, intercreative program of social mobilization and global activism. Please join us in our efforts to envisage and create a healthier, more peaceful world.
    The Global Dialogues films, based on stories submitted by creative youths in our contests, are crafted by leading filmmakers and emerging young talents. Available in numerous languages, the films reach over 200 million people every year.
    Our vision: Global Dialogues envisions a healthy, peaceful world in which an empathetic and compassionate humanity flourishes in a spirit of equality and unity in diversity.
    Global Dialogues’ mission: To promote global public health and societal well-being through integrated, youth-driven solutions fueled by creativity and multidisciplinary partnership.

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