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  • Wild dogs kill native Australian animals & livestock.wmv

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    Dead sheep, mauled wildlife, chilling howls in the day and night. That is the reality of living in wild dog country. Imagine working your entire life to breed world class sheep only to see them torn apart by savage wild feral dogs that kill for fun, not food. That is the world of many high country farmers living & working in what they thought was a natural paradise in the spectacular sub-alpine areas of Southeast Australia. They see wild dogs’ destruction daily, and its impact on both farmers and native wild life that is eaten by feral dogs the dog trappers say are increasingly cross-bred & larger by the year. Many farmers are emotionally & financially crippled, want to sell up, or have little livestock left to make a living from. Many feel like prisoners on their farms as they shepherd sheep the ancient way, in order to keep livestock alive. ABC Radio’s Keva Gocher explores some of the latest issues for the rural community near the NSW / Victorian state borders. To see & hear much more go my 2 comprehensive features at ABC Rural at See also: Wild Dog Killing Spree at ABC Rural at

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