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    In today’s video, we were trying to unpack and found BADbu (Bambu) lying on the computer screen. He quickly ran away as we started to walk closer to him. Then we happily announced that we, together, The DOPE FRESH NATION have reached 2 million subscribers! Wow!! We are so thankful and we love putting these videos up. It is always nice to hear when someone tells us that we have inspired them in some way, or have brought joy to their days. You guys are what keep us going, and motivated to be strong and positive people. We truly thank you and feel that, together, we all make a great team. PVP SAAAN!!! ;)

    We still have no food in our house, haha, so of course Jesse-wessy was craving some kind of cheese steak thing. We got these yummy cheese steak rolls while at dinner. I took the one that looked the best! I mean, come on, who wouldn’t? Wouldn’t you? After dinner, we stopped at the post office to pick up mail. I was jumping up and clapping my feet together to get in Jesse’s shot. When we were home, I found some stickers, so why not put them all over Jesse-poo. He’s so dumb, he didn’t even know where half of them were and when our friend Ryan came over, he still had one on his ear, looking like a gigantic earring. It was funny cause he realized it in front of Ryan and was like, “haha, what the hellll!!! When did you put this on my ear?”

    We hung out for a while and thought it would be a good idea to play with our Socker Boppers. That didn’t go to well! Haha, we all ended up getting hurt but it was a lot of fun. Jesse got socked in the balls, Ryan got socked in the balls, and I got socked in the face two times. It basically turned into a vengeful punching game.

    When Ryan finally left, cause he was there all night and wouldn’t leave, haha just kidding, that was for you Ryan, if you’re reading this… we said our goodnights and tomorrow will be announcing TEAM PVP for the Ovarian Cancer Walk! We hope you’re all as excited as we are!

    Have a great day everyone! Peace on the streeeets SAAAN!!! :)

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