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  • Why George? – The Movie Trailer

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    “Zach, the adoring husband…
    Sam, the loving wife…
    Together, the perfect couple: young, romantic and both completely secure in their impenetrable love.
    So when Zach suggests that Sam ‘try being with a woman’ before they start a family, Sam initially protests but becomes open to the idea when Zach presents it as a new experience for them to explore together.
    With encouragement from Zach, Sam goes off on her own into an on-line ‘bi-curious’ chat room. She is thrown into a carousel of verbal erotica where she has no desire or idea how to get on or off! Just as Sam decides to log out she receives an instant message from someone who shares her sentiments exactly. Sam is amazed by the hours that pass and how instantly she has bonded with this stranger –this woman, named George.
    In the weeks that follow Sam and George speak, grow more bold each day on-line and on the phone, exchange photos, and agree to meet. Zach is psyched! He imagines the potential of where this could lead! He’s living every guy’s fantasy…or so he thinks.
    Be very careful what you wish for, gentlemen…you just might get it!”

    ***World Premiere***
    Fri, May 22 – 8PM
    The Crest Theater
    N. Swinton Ave.
    Delray Beach, FL.

    To purchase advance tickets, read more about the film, still photos, cast & crew please go to:

    ***This film is not yet rated. Not recommended for children.

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