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  • Why Dogs Spin Before They Poop

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    Do you ever wonder why dogs will sometimes walk in circles before sleeping or going to the bathroom? Well, it has to do with some hygiene and territorial instincts that dogs have when they’re in the wild. It also has to do with the Earth’s magnetic field, which is crazy, and Anthony is here to tell you all about it.

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    “It’s all starting to make sense. For years I wondered why my dog spins in a circle before depositing her daily double”

    Why Do Dogs Go Around In Circles Before They Go To The Bathroom?

    “That’s a great question. I’ve often been curious myself about why dogs exhibit this strange behavior of circling before they go to the bathroom.”

    Dogs Are Sensitive To Small Variations Of The Earth’s Magnetic Field

    “Several mammalian species spontaneously align their body axis with respect to the Earth’s magnetic field (MF) lines in diverse behavioral contexts.”

    Why Do Dogs Walk In Circles Before Lying Down?

    “Before lying down, dogs often circle their beds or wherever they’ve chosen to settle in for a nap. This curious canine behavior dates back to prehistoric times , when dogs literally had to make their own beds.”

    Why Do Dogs Walk In A Circle Before Lying Down

    “The circling thing is a relic of domestic dogs’ wild past, a bit of hard-wired behavior that hasn’t been bred out yet.”

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