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  • Why Blizzard Won’t Release Diablo 4

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    Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo revolutionized the computer role-playing game genre in 1996. 2000′s Diablo 2 revolutionized it again, and 2012′s Diablo 3 ranks as one of the best selling games of all time, with over 30 million units sold. Six years later, though, there’s no sign of Diablo 4. So what’s the hold up? Here’s a look at why Blizzard won’t release Diablo 4…

    Perfect is the bare minimum | 0:25
    Diablo III’s launch failure | 1:09
    Diablo III is still popular | 2:21
    The action genre has changed around them | 2:51
    The life cycle of Blizzard products has gotten longer | 3:42
    There’s been a changing of the guard | 4:41

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