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  • “Why Are So Many Violent Criminals Walking Free?” | LearnLiberty

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    Who are the real victims of the War on Drugs? #VictimsFirst
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    “Why Are So Many Violent Criminals Walking Free?” by @LearnLiberty
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    Fewer than half of all violent crimes were resolved in 2011, but over 7 million people are serving time in U.S. prisons. The majority of prisoners were arrested on drug charges, and 81 percent of those are in prison for simple possession. While the United States spends billions of dollars and millions of man hours fighting a war on drugs, 59 percent of rapists and 36.2 percent of murderers are never brought to justice. What do we get for that time and money? It has never been easier to buy drugs. The war on drugs isn’t working, and victims and survivors of violent crimes deserve more thorough investigations. Whatever your stance on drug policy, Prof. Alex Kreit says, shouldn’t we allocate resources to provide for investigations for all violent crimes? Shouldn’t victims come first? Who are the real victims of the war on drugs? What do you think should be done about it?

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