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  • Who’s This – A Game of Thrones Parody of What’s This from The Nightmare Before Christmas

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    In anticipation of season 4, here’s a recap of all the major events from season 1 to 3.

    Animated by: Cas van de Pol
    Writen by: Alex Orman –
    Co-written by: ShootingTheShit –
    Music & Vocals by: Steven (Safirus) Kelly –
    Additional backgrounds by: Ioanaruth –
    Game of Thrones map by: IndianaJonasS –


    What’s this?
    What’s this?
    A Song of Ice and Fire
    What’s this?
    A show called Game of Thrones
    Who’s this?
    A man he’s called Ned Stark
    And Winter’s coming,
    Look out, Ned!, this isn’t fair!
    What’s this?

    What’s this? Who’s this?
    A tiny little pimp!
    Who’s this?
    Oh this must be the imp!
    What’s this?
    Queen Cersie and her brother are caught banging
    Bran is pushed his back gets broken
    And this act won’t go unspoken
    What is this?

    What’s this?
    There’s a woman named Daenerys
    with dragon eggs of old
    Her husband named Khal Drogo
    bestowed Viserys a crown of gold!
    Ned’s now on the chopping block
    Oh look there goes his head
    And in my bones I feel a chill
    That’s filling me with dread
    Oh, look

    What’s this?
    Now onto season 2, look there!
    The dragons have now hatched, in fire!
    The Night’s Watch has arrived beyond the wall and
    now this settings growing dire!
    What’s this?

    What’s this?
    In here, they’ve got a little prick, as king!?
    And who would ever think
    And why?
    The red woman birthed a horrid shadow thing that killed a man who would be king
    Winterfell’s been overrun
    and Seige of Blackwater has gone wrong
    This cannot be
    This cannot be
    They’re all roasting with the fish!
    What’s this?

    Oh my, what now?
    We’re on to season 3
    And look, they dismembered Jamie!
    But what?
    Poor Theon’s being tortured, flayed, no compassion, only little thoughts and dreams to save his famous.. peeeniss.. ahhh

    What’s this?

    Daenerys stole an army
    And the Wildlings climb the wall
    Meanwhile over at the Twins
    A wedding in Frey’s hall!
    The Rains of Castamere
    Starts echoing throughout the air!
    Now everyone is being killed!
    a sight I just can’t bare!

    The blood, the screams
    They’re everywhere and all, around,
    I’ve never felt so odd before
    This empty place inside of me is filling up
    I simply cannot get enough
    I want it, oh, I want it
    Oh, I want it for my own
    I’ve got to know
    I’ve got to know
    What is this show that I have found?
    What is this?

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