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  • Who Knows What: Justin Beiber Vs State of the Union

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    MRCTV went to George Mason University and asked students if they knew that the president had given his major annual address, the night before, if they had watched it and if they could tell us anything that the president talked about.

    Even those students who had heard that the president was going to be on TV really didn’t have any idea as to the details of what the president said.

    We decided that simply determining that students aren’t aware of major current events wasn’t enough. We wanted to find out what they DID know about. So we asked the same students if they knew what had happened to pop star, Justin Beiber the week before when he was arrested in Miami for driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license.

    It quickly became evident that every student at George Mason University knew what had happened to Justin Bieber on that fateful night in Miami. Some described the events in great detail.

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