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  • Whitney Houston- I Didn’t Know My Own Strength (digital hi-fi)

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    Whitney’s comeback was staged only for her demised. Get her in the studio, next Oprah, then AMA which hauntingly screams GODDESS FAREWELL. Then 50 city tour. Bad publicity and negative concert review where all propably staged so Whitney could see and hear, only to get her to using heavily once more. Whitney was not meant to break as she praised. She completed that 50 city tour. Night after night regardless of what she may see being posted on the net. Her voice inconsistent. Not the pristine voice she was knowned for. Did we think she didn’t know her golden voice wasn’t like it used to be? Whitney loved us anyhow and stood up on stage and gave it her all. She showed her bravery. Neither one of us could have ever been brave enough to do that. Bravery only coming from an ANGEL, not of human. Humans are weak. Especially the ones trying to demonstrate power over another human are the weakiest. This tour was meant to make Whitney weak so she could start using heavily again. And she probably did. Whitney still didn’t BREAK! she was murdered only to look like she did. Clearly the media controls many of us that listen and believe that. Many that are puppets that is. Nothing fishy about asking the LA Police to borrow her body 11 hrs until the party ended. A dead body at any event would caused the whole party to ceased and all the attendees put in paddywagon and off to the police station for questioning. The media screwed up and ruled out foul play prematurely was a big major fuckup. No obvious outward sign of struggle doesn’t mean she wasn’t poisened. That is foul play also. But yet nothing seems suspicious yet to anyone still thinking she drowned , but wait she didn’t drowned, and yet again she did drowned. Nothing fishy huh? Wait til they kill Janet Jackson because Janet career has been troubled since superbowl event and she couldn’t sell a hit as a result. When she dies unexpectantly she will sell records again. Whitney came out in 85. Somewhere in the industry somebody is talling up $$$ like its 85 again. But it’s a 85 renioun that will profit them endlessly.

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