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  • White Tiger vs African Lion in Everland

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    Lastest everland video of a White Tiger fighting off an African Lion and taking over its territory.

    Decide for yourself whose the winner!

    It seems like a fight for territory, so who wins? Decide for yourself! =D

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    The myth of the Rare White Bengal Tiger was an illusion meant to deceive the public into thinking that these cats were endangered and being preserved for future generations. The truth of the matter is that they arent even pure Bengal tigers, but rather are all the offspring of an original Siberian / Bengal cross breeding. The inbreeding results in many defects, early deaths, still births and, as could be expected, the cats are not very bright which is why they are preferred for entertainment purposes.

    Most White Tigers have such profound birth defects, such as immune deficiency, scoliosis of the spine (distorted spine), cleft palates, mental impairments and grotesquely crossed eyes that bulge from their skull.. Hence, white tigers are weak and unhealthy animals, and has a high mortality rate, many white tigers may look healthy but inside, they are not, they have many internal defects. Those which external defects or are born in the wrong color are often killed or thrown away by private breeders.

    Please do not support the breeding of white tigers.

    The truth about White Tigers:

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