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  • Where My Ladies At?

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    Check out these great channels!

    Science (biology):
    Anna Rothschild, Gross Science:
    Claire, Brilliant Botany:
    Sally Le Page, Shed Science:
    Julia Wilde, That’s So Science:
    Dr. Bondar:
    Lindsay Doe, Sexplanations
    Laci Green, Sex+:
    Annie Gaus, Pick your Poison:
    Vanessa Hill, BrainCraft:
    The Penguin Prof:
    Amoeba Sisters:

    Science (misc.):
    Maddie Moate, Earth Unplugged:
    Elise Andrew, I F*cking Love Science :
    Rebecca Watson:
    Alex Dainis, Bite Sci-zed:
    Amy Shira Teitel:
    Joanne Manaster:
    Jessica King, FieldNotes:
    Meg Rosenburg, Tales from the History of Science:
    Ella, Sci-Files:
    Dr. Kiki, This Week in Science:
    Boonsri, Elemental:
    Eff Yeah Fluid Dynamics:
    Allison Jack, Agricultural Science:
    Katie McGill, The Physics Factor:

    Amanda Aizuss, iTalkApple:
    Emily Eifler, BlinkPopShift:
    Fran Blanche:
    Nixie Pixel:

    Jerri Ellsworth:
    Limor “Ladyada” Fried:

    Saramoira Shields, Mathematigal:
    Rebecca Thomas, Dead Bunny Guides:

    The Field Museum Women in Science group:

    To be included on the list, please email thebrainscoop(at)gmail(dot)com !

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    The Brain Scoop is written and hosted by:
    Emily Graslie

    Created By:
    Hank Green

    Directed, Edited, Animated, and Scored by:
    Michael Aranda .

    Filmed on Location and supported by:
    The Field Museum in Chicago, IL

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