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    Had to work for it more than LEAKY FAUCET. (A lot more.)

    If you want background on this maingame / see illustrated how you have to go win the million, check out the rest of the episode:


    1. Have to pick up MDW (1 slot / 72) in R1-3 with a good consonant call. There’s ~24 spins per game from R1-3.
    2. Can never BANKRUPT after picking it up the rest of the game
    3. Have to solve the puzzle you pick it up in to retain it
    4. Win maingame (sometimes you pick it up and you’re hopelessly behind anyways. It has no monetary value in the maingame!)
    5. Hit what usually is 100k on Bonus Wheel (1/24)
    6. Solve BR, which can sometimes be very difficult

    The MDW literally ends up meaning nothing for you unless you get through step 5 (which has now happened twice, we are 2-0).

    For more in-depth WOF stuff, check out


    Why all the talk about taxes and rigging? A) Yes, I think it can get as high as 45%, but 550k is still life-changing dough. B) They videotape loading the Bonus Wheel every time for Standards & Practices, and if you look at the tail end of this video they opened every one off-air for confirmation. And no, the Bonus Wheel has no magnets or whatever other device you want to make up, and sometimes, people manage to suddenly figure it out.

    For those complaining about the BR puzzle itself, that is legitimate. Wheel loves adjective-noun combo THINGs that can be quite abstract and not make much sense, because they can’t really afford to have people win even 50% of the time on the season. This honestly was the least offensive of BR problems this season.

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