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  • We Meet Again (Star Wars Parody) – Geek Week

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    We Meet Again (Star Wars Parody) – Geek Week
    Two sides of the same coin. Forever connected in battle. What’s your name again?

    Written by Matt Rogers
    Directed by David Sidorov
    Chess Club Comedy:

    Matt Rogers as Jonas
    Spencer Novich as Lord Gorba
    Allison Brown as Sabrina

    Director of Photography: Gabriel Stanley
    Original Score by Ian Hultquist
    Motion Graphics: Eric Overton
    Edited by Ryan Spears
    Above Average Producer: Josh Poole

    Assistant Camera: Joe Bearese
    Sound: Harris Karlin
    Hair/Make-Up: CJ Dockery
    Location Manager: Jeremy Aidan
    Production Assistants: Dani Rait, Mark Denega, Rachel Wenitsky, Morgan Weinstein
    Special Thanks to Danny Jolles

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