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  • WALKING IN LONDON DVD (Footloose Series) 2014 Sightseeing tour in HD

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    Places to go in London and travel guide…a walking trail must be the best way to see London’s top sights. Find our 100-minute DVD “FOOTLOOSE IN LONDON” travel video at
    London – 10 Things You Need To Know at least! The film shows a glorious trail through the heart of the capital, It’s a perfect souvenir or preview of all the best sights in summer. Also a 4-part broadcast mini-series.
    Starts at Marble Arch, Hyde Park past Buckingham Palace Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, The Thames, St Paul’s in the City, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and all along the South bank to the London Eye …and finally reaching Westminster. Find out more at

    Others in the series: Footloose in Italy, Italian Lakes, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Budapest, Prague, Krakow, Ireland, Dubrovnik, Tallinn, Rocamadour, Bavaria, London, Holland, Keukenhof Gardens, Madeira. Produced by David & Debra Rixon

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