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  • Viral Videos of 2013 – The Song (Song A Day #1812)

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    It’s the end of the year and what this means
    Is that it’s time to stop and mention
    All the viral videos of 2013
    That briefly held our attention

    Kai, Kai the Hachet guy
    And this Russian meteorite
    Ryan Gosling hating cereal

    Chris Hadfield did Bowie in space
    Everybody did the Harlem shake
    We learned how animals take their meals

    There was this dancing pony
    And all this prancercizing
    We saw why phones are evil
    And saw dove expirementizing

    And goats screaming like humans
    Goats screaming like humans

    Miley and her wreaking ball
    This girl danced to quit her job
    Charles Ramsey saved the day

    We learned about wealth inequality
    Psy showed us what a gentleman could be
    And we learned all the things that foxes say

    Hilarious reading of lips
    Van Damme did some splits
    Telekeinesis in the Coffee shop
    And Evian babies wouldn’t stop

    And goats screaming like humans
    Goats screaming like humans

    Kai, The Hatchet Guy:
    Russian Meteorite:
    Ryan Gosliing Won’t Eat His Cereal:
    Space Oddity:
    Harlem Shake Compilation:
    How Animals Eat Their Food:
    Pony Dance:
    I Forgot My Phone:
    Dove Real Beauty Sketches:
    The Screaming Sheep (not sure why everyone called it a goat):
    Wrecking Ball:
    I Quit, Interpretive dance:
    Charles Ramsey:
    Wealth Inequality In America (This came out in 2012, but went viral this year) :
    PSY – Gentleman:
    What Does The Fox Say:
    Bad Lip Reading NFL:
    The Epic Van Damme Split:
    Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise:
    Evian Babies:

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