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  • Violence Jack All 3 Movies UNCUT with SUBTITLES

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    This upload has all 3 uncut Violence Jack movies in one video, with english subtitles. Sorry about the STUPID Wondershare logo, at least its easy to ignore though.

    1st Movie Harem Bomber (Slumking)
    2nd Movie Evil Town 00:37:17
    3rd Movie Hell’s Wind 01:36:15

    “When passing, Jack does not remain for too long, as he follows the chain of desolation, the odour of blood. Jack; When witnessed to the massacres and bloodshed, his violent blood awakens, attracted by the splendour of his jack-knife hidden close to his chest. Despite this, survivors say that in those burning eyes, shines the light of knowledge.”

    All of the Devilman movies can be found here

    Violence Jack info


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