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  • VERY happy nathan

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    *song: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams*

    Nathan is an entertaining, healthy, hilarious, hairless chinese crested who was adopted through Bald is Beautiful Hairless & Small Dog Rescue.He LOVES to “wiggle it” in the chair for treats. The feel-good back scratch is just an extra perk. Enjoy!

    Nathan was taken in by Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue about two years ago. He had been in quite a few different homes over the first four years of his life and was considered “unadoptable.” He made tremendous progress with his foster mom, who realized he was happy in her home for probably the first time in his life. So after a long period of fostering him, she decided to officially adopt him.

    Bald is Beautiful has some lovely pups in need of homes…
    check them out on:

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