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  • Vadrum – Infernal Galop – Can-Can (Classical Drumming)

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    What’s up people! Finally I’m back with a new special video for you…this is a VADRUM CRAZY VERSION of Offenbach’s “Infernal Galop” (Can-Can), included in my new solo project. Enjoy, I hope you’ll have fun as I did during the whole process :-D
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    “Classical Drumming”, my debut solo album featuring an Italian 36-Piece Orchestra, is now out! You can get it on my new International Online Store where you can find the CD Album, the Mp3 version, my new signature Drumsticks and some cool T-Shirt I designed (like the one I had in the video)! You can also listen to and download the digital version of my album on iTunes Store ( and Amazon MP3 ( Have fun! :-D

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