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  • US tactic to deal with Somali Pirates

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    Obama and Hillary have sorted out how to deal with a pirate threat now that submarines are at their disposal. —-UPDATE from Youtube POLICE and FCC—- they think this vid requires closed captions. LOL, the email and my reply to youtube and FCC follows:
    –Hi ewmegoolies,

    We have received a complaint alleging that the following video requires closed captioning under U.S. law, but does not have captions available:

    You may be subject to penalties under the Communications and Video Accessibility Act for failing to provide captions for certain content. Please click the following link and provide us with a caption file or an explanation as to why no captions are available by June 10, 2013. If we do not hear from you by that date, we will inform the complaining party that you have not responded and will provide the complainant with information on filing a complaint with the FCC.

    You can upload captions or provide us with the required information here:

    YouTube partners with access to advanced content management tools may alternatively be able to provide this information through those tools. Contact your partner manager for more information.

    To learn more about the Communications and Video Accessibility Act’s requirements for closed captioning of online video content, visit:

    Thank you,
    The YouTube Team
    I would prefer the FCC begin proceedings against me via criminal or civil lawsuit before I bow to intimidation from an anonymous youtube member. I will consider this aggressive Youtube email notification that I will be receiving an FCC court summons. I will be able to defend myself from this accusation and will prevail. In turn all court cost will be charged against google/youtube for not properly vetting the FCC closed caption rules against this video before notifying myself and the FCC.


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