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  • Ursula Martinez, ‘Light My Fire’ – The Carnival Chronicles ‘Live’ – (MA+ Nudity)

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    The Carnival Chronicles ‘Live’ gives you –
    Ursula Martinez (La Soiree, La Clique) – Light My Fire.
    A dare-devil disco dance involving the naked flame! A post-feminist, post-modern re-interpretation of ‘Burn the Bra!’
    This is Martinez’s latest creation for clubs, cabaret, art events and parties. It is a follow on from her famous ‘Hanky Panky’ magic striptease routine (disappearing hanky act) that went viral on youtube (and other more notorious video feeds’) the last few years.
    Performed in Club Soiree – La Soiree’s Club Night at The Festival Hub, Melbourne Festival 2012

    More about Ursula –
    She sets fire to her tits, interrogates her parents, re-defines class, blurs fiction with reality, cures homosexuals, gives birth to penises, tells autobiographical stories, deconstructs performance and sings South London suburban flamenco – from high brow to low brow, from spectacle to confessional, from live art to light entertainment, Ursula Martinez produces solo and collaborative performance for theatre, site-specific, installation, cabaret, night club, film, television…… birthdays, weddings and Barmitzvahs!

    Video for The Carnival Chronicles
    - Presented by Carnival Cinema
    Shot/cut by Hamish McCormick
    Carnival Cinema –

    The track is DJ Mousse T

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