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  • Urs Fischer – Untitled, 2011 – MOCA U – MOCAtv

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    Many thousands of visitors have seen Urs Fischer’s “Untitled” (2011), a wax sculpture over 20 feet tall, melting on the floor of the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, since the wicks were lit in April. Fischer subjects a trio of sculptures — an office chair, a life-size figure of the Italian painter Rudolf Stingel, and a copy of Giambologna’s sixteenth-century marble sculpture “Rape of the Sabine Women” — to a process of controlled burning, creating a performative installation that changes with every visit, a marriage of the ephemeral and the monolithic. Watch the transformation before it disappears for good on August 19.

    Time Lapse shot by David Bradshaw
    Edited by Elliot Kaufman
    Music Composed and Perfomed By Pete Drungle

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