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  • Unsung Heroes: Nice Guys

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    Nice Guys is the first installment of UNSUNG HEROES, a new music video series by Extremely Decent that celebrates those who are often overlooked…by singing about them.

    Music Written & Recorded by: Nick Smith
    Lyrics by: Nick Smith & Jon Eidson
    Story by: Jon Eidson & Nick Smith
    Lead Vocals: Jon Eidson
    Backing Vocals: Ian McQuown & Nick Smith

    Directed & Edited by: Nick Smith
    Director of Photography: Layne Pavoggi
    Production Design & Props by: Ian McQuown
    Gaffer: Jon Na
    Grip: Tim Davis
    Steadicam: Ross Coscia

    Graphic Design by: Brendan Rice
    VFX: Mikey Caro

    Produced by Jon Eidson, Nick Smith, and Ian McQuown

    Cast (In Order of Appearance):
    Nick Smith
    Ian McQuown
    Jon Eidson
    Chris Reinacher
    Alex Hannant
    Leah Munson
    Taylor Emerson
    Daniel Fillipi
    Adam Epelbaum
    Joanna Jones
    Jordan Kelley
    Chad Alligood
    Taylor Murphy-Sinclair
    Ryan McCartan
    Allegra Masters
    Evan Todd
    Peter Gilroy
    Bree Murillo
    Tara Cox
    Joey Richter

    A heart that’s made of gold,
    a pure and gentle soul.
    He compliments your style
    from behind an awkward smile.

    He never fails to pay,
    and you think he might be gay,
    but you know you can’t deny
    when you look into his eyes
    that he might just be
    a nice guy.

    Going it alone,
    they are the champions of the friend zone,
    mastering the art of walking drunk girls home.
    With a kiss on the cheek he’s left to walk it home alone
    still sending smileys to her phone.

    And they’ll always come through,
    when you need a chariot to whisk you to that thing you do.
    Their balls will remain forever blue.
    They’d carry your shit from here to Timbuktu
    if you ask them to.

    They’re the ones you never see,
    but you know they’ll always be
    awkward with their hands,
    why you’ll never understand.

    He’ll offer you his jacket
    even though you didn’t ask for it.
    He longs for your embrace
    and your butt on his face.

    They’ll always be around
    in their undying quest to turn that frown upside down,
    the celebrated mayors of masturbation town.
    Their summer ’99 mix tapes are world renowned,
    they bring the house down.

    Because nice guys don’t finish last, no, they finish second
    to some guy named Chad.

    Nice guys will never know that the way to go
    is to act like a complete asshole,
    and the bitches will overflow.

    But still they give, give, give–
    Summoning all their might to twist and open that lid,
    waiting by the phone for as long as they live,
    they wanna be your BF but they’ll settle for BFF
    their emotions adrift.

    But boy you’re great.
    Your chance will fly by if you choose to wait.
    Just go ask her on a fucking date.
    One day you will reach home plate.

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