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  • Unitefingerboarding goes to Prague + EFC 2011

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    This is footage from my trip to Prague in June for EFC 2011. I met SOO many amazing people, this was one of the best trips of my life. Unfortunately I had no battery charger for a lot of the trip and as such I didn’t manage to film anywhere near as much as I’d have liked to. Hence the short video and especially tiny amount of footage from the event itself. Still, I hope you enjoy this video anyway!

    Huge thanks to everyone I met, especially the SWAT guys and the BRR guys. Miss you! See you next year!

    Riders in the outdoor parts that weren’t me:
    -Honza (start)
    -Rene H (end)

    Song is ‘gobbledigook’ by Sigur Ros – AWESOME PEOPLE :)

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