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  • Underwater Warriors / Deeper Waters

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    Underwater Warriors is a foundation, which provides a powerful alternative of rehabilitation to our wounded soldiers through SCUBA. This video takes place off the coast of the serene tropical Island of Cayman Brac. You will see the beauty and continued courage of our wounded heroes as they move forward with confidence and wonder in the freedom they find beneath the sea. You will also see a sculpture of the mythical world of the sunken city of Atlantis as envisioned by local Cayman Brac artist, “Foots”, which provides a healthy environment for new coral growth and marine life. You will also see a sunken Russian Frigate, which was exciting to explore with the soldiers. Famed underwater photographer Lawson Wood took all these photos. I am so proud to have been chosen to be the spokesperson for the Underwater Warriors Foundation. If you are interested in further information on the Underwater Warriors foundation, or if you would like to donate to this incredibly worthy cause, please visit

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