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  • UFO 2012 2nd Beijing China Sighting 1/6/2012 from same building in 1 week

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    This 2nd UFO (1st sighting link: was captured on Film by Li Xiu Ying less than one week after he captured a UFO on the first day of January 2012. He nervously struggled to focus on the object the best he could, but it it was just too smoggy and the windows were disgustingly filthy in Beijing, China. He states he was very spooked by this second sighting. Seeing something once is frightening enough, but the second time got to him. He states there were two objects hovering over the city that were round in shape. One was smaller than the other, but a third arrived, which was smaller in size. After trying several times to focus on the object, he gave up because it was just too polluted. The object disappeared just as fast as they appeared.