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UFC 126 Video Fight Review - Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort
Anderson Silva retains his middleweight title with an amazing font kick that Vitor never saw coming. It was one of the strangest and most unique kicks I have ever seen before. He knocked him right out with the kick which landed just under the chin of Vitor. Many people including myself thought that Vitor stood a very good chance of defeating the Spider but at this point who is there left for Anderson Silva to fight? I mean he has literally cleaned out his entire division. Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami should be an absolute beating and something I don't think any of us really want to see. We need to see Anderson face GSP. So Anderson wins by Knock out KO TKO from a straight front kick. It looked like it had almost no power behind it but the phenom has literally never been knocked out before. Forrest Griffin defeated Rich Franklin with relative ease. Forrest out struck Rich on the feet and took him down in the first round with some brutal ground and pound. In the end it ended up being a unanimous decision in favor of Forrest. John Bones Jones took care of Ryan Bader with relative ease. He took Darth Bader down without any trouble and eventually submitted him. As expected Bader didn't really know what to do on his back and bones made him pay for it. Overall UFC 126 was an awesome night of fights. One that I will definitely remember and the Spider's legacy continues. Who can stop Anderson Silva now?
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