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    Spider Masturbator Intense Black
    Spider Masturbator Extreme White

    Spider Masturbator is the new revolution in masturbation! It has an amazing feature, and it will upgrade your pleasure. Let us have a fantastic experience of sexual pleasure you have never had before. You will be invited to an intriguing experience when you use it. Unlike existing limited routines, the Spider Masturbator has a free range of activities and variety of positions that could be implemented.

    The idea is that you should be using the Spider inside the shower by attaching the suction cup to the wall or bathtub. When placed on a flat spot, it is removable (Ride and Attached) and leads to hands-free stimulation. You can set the angle of the Spider and lock it in place by tightening the screw on the suction attachment.

    Spider Sleeve – Realism

    Inside the Spider sleeve, you will find an assortment of nubs, raised bumps, even an exposed G-spot, to grip and rub your cock, delivering orgasmic sensation with every stroke. The ergonomic internal structure is maximising your pleasant feelings, and gives an illusion of a variety of excitements.

    The Spider sleeve is soft, pliable and non-vibrating. It is made of high-quality material designed to replicate the unmistakable sensations of penetrative sex. Spider Masturbator is safe for all people as non-toxic and Eco-friendly materials are used.

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