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  • Two Steps From Hell – Atlantis Cinematic

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    My second Cinematic video based on another amazing Two Steps From Hell music. Enjoy ! ( Check out the first one, “Love & Loss Cinematic, if you haven’t already ).

    !! I don’t own anything, except the W.E. logo, so all rights go to there rightful owners !!

    ►Music: Two Steps from Hell – Atlantis

    ►Trailers used:
    - Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    - Lineage 2
    - Dante’s Inferno
    - World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King
    - Darksiders
    - Warhammer – Age of Reckoning
    - Guild Wars – Factions
    - Dragon Age 2
    - Deus Ex Human Revolution
    - Secret World


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