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  • Two Cars Two Cyclists And A Red Light

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    So the first car you’ll see was fairly typical, just blocking the bus lane and creating a chicane for cyclists.

    The second was a little more challenging; for the rider ahead of me at least. It may not have come out on the video but the driver actually waved before driving at a cyclist. Pretty naff piece of driving really.

    I’ve kept the video running though because I’d been watching this rider for a while, having passed them a few times already only to be passed back at red lights, just like this one for example. What interested me on this set was the way they carefully positioned themselves too far ahead of the ASL to be actually able to see the signals (normal) but also in such a way as to leave their front wheel in a dropped drain (different). However, it was the same result when the lights went green again. A slow start from one in too high a gear being overtaken by one carrying 10kgs of resistence and making full use of the gears.

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