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  • Turkish Kangal Dogs vs. Tigers & Lions

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    They are not fighting. This video only shows how brave & strong Kangal Dogs are.

    A Kangal Dog is a Turkish breed of domestic dog and is the national breed of Turkey. Kangal, which weigh between 176-297 lb (80-135 kg) full-grown, was originally used as a livestock guardian dog. It is of an early mastiff type with a solid, pale tan or sabled coat, and with a black mask.

    The breed is often referred to as a sheep dog, but it is not a herding dog, but rather a flock guardian. It More.. lives with the flock and acts as a livestock guardian dog, fending off wolves, bears and jackals. The Sivas Kangal Dog’s protectiveness and gentleness with small children and animals has led to its growing popularity as a guardian for families as well, as it regards people as its flock and guards them with extreme devotion

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