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  • Trust Yourself – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    Features words from Arnold’s “Life’s 6 Rules” speech:

    Features words from (2nd speaker) Les Brown – It’s Possible:

    Music From: Hans Zimmer – Time (Karanda Remix):

    In order of appearance:

    people & escalator man =
    trust yourself =
    painter =
    teacher =
    chalkboard artist =
    cliff jumping =
    thinking outside the box =
    highline walking =
    paralympic games =
    open armed woman =
    singer =

    I will be adding further links to any work used within this compilation, thanks for your patience.

    I own no rights to any material used in this compilation and have only produced it to positively affect the lives of others. To give further exposure to those within it. If you have a problem with your material being in this compilation please notify me and I will remove your work from it. Thanks!

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