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  • “True Love never Dies…” Zack and Maya (Zaya)

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    Please Read the description first… please…

    Hey Guys,

    A little Zaya Vid, since they broke up in the last episode “Graduation On Deck” of “The Suite Life On Deck” :-( but still, “Zaya Forever”

    I am still wondering, why did Maya say she’ll miss him, so seriously and later broke up with him, like she doesn’t even care about him? Since there will be no more future episodes, I guess, I’ll keep wondering… :-/

    Story: Maya wants Zack to be happy, even without her…

    Sorry For bad quality in some places :-(

    PS: Is the volume down?? do reply

    Thanks For Reading…:)

    Do watch it full…

    And please rate and comment…

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