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  • TRM: Exclusive ‘Where The Bears Are 2′ Photo Shoot Interviews

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    The Bears are back! Third Rail Media catches up with the cast of ‘Where The Bears Are’ as they prepare to launch their second season of their wicked, sexy, comedy web series. Reporter Karamo gets the guys naked in his quest to find out who the killer really is in Season 2.

    Special guest star Margaret Cho shares how she zipped her vagina while dressing for the role of ‘Mistress Lena’, along with creators/actors Rick Copp (‘Reggie Hatch’), Joe Deitl (‘Wood Burns’) and Ben Zook (‘Nelson Dorkoff’). New to the cast are George Unda (‘Detective Marcus Martinez’), Howie Skora (‘Ivan’), Michael Ganz (‘Elliot Butler’), and David Laflamme (‘Rugby Guy’). Returning are Ian Parks (‘Hot Toddy’), Pete Cincinnato (‘Hairy Potter’), Scott Beaushemin (‘Cyril’), and Chad Sanders (‘Detective Winters’).

    ‘Where The Bears Are Season 2′ premieres June 10th at WhereTheBearsAre.TV

    Karamo – Reporting / Mike Skiff – Camera & Podcast
    For Third Rail Media

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