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  • Tribal Feast in Highlands Papua with Pig Ceremony

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    it was shot in the southern highlands of Papua New Guinea in September 2006 in Tari at a tribal feast i was invited to. Life is very hard indeed in the highlands. The most basic needs are not met even matches are hard to find, empty can reuse. A group of older women asked me for my newspaper and shared it equaly as cigarette paper . Proteins and fats are hard to get, very expensive imports and feast with animal proteins are always shared between clans so people eat very little meat indeed and whatever meat they eat they kill. Nothing is thrown away. People would’nt dream of eating chicken or any meat on their own: none would get away with that.

    At first we did not want to upload this clip as we thought it might be too gory and gross for most people and only attract those who like blood. We changed our mind and dedicate it to those who eat meat and dont take any responsibility for the growing of the animal not their killing.

    However the pigs are dispatched the best they know and are able to. There is no torture here. The wodden butt is what they have. Arrows and bullets are reserved to tribal wars. The pigs as all pigs are very intelligent creatures, nurtured lovingly by the women folks. The manfolks kill them.

    This is in marked contrast to the terrible pig life in modern piggeries with no space no grass nowhere to root about and no sex only insimination. That’s in industrialised agriculture for you!

    We hope we have not offended some muslims and orthodox jews, some vegetarians, vegans, Seven Day Adventists and animal lovers.

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