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  • Touching Balls w/ SIMON PEGG, NICK FROST, EDGAR WRIGHT & STEVE JONES – All Star Celebrity Bowling

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    It’s a special British Trilogy/World Ending edition of All Star Celebrity Bowling as the UK comedy genre-bending maestros of Team Cornetto Trilogy (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright and the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones) take on Team Nerdist (Jonah Ray, Matt Mira, Chloe Dykstra and Chris Hardwick). Will the World’s End boys’ bloody frozen lactose fixation prove victorious? Watch and see!

    World’s End is in Theaters Now, Check it Out!

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    Team World’s End/Cornetto Trilogy:
    Simon Pegg, Cornetto Trilogy
    Nick Frost, Cornetto Trilogy
    Edgar Wright, Cornetto Trilogy
    Steve Jones, Sex Pistols

    Team Nerdist:
    Chris Hardwick, Nerdist Podcast
    Chloe Dykstra, Just Cos
    Matt Mira, Nerdist Podcast / Just Cos
    Jonah Ray, Nerdist Podcast

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