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  • Total Eclipse of the Heart, Full Version with Lyrics

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    –Bonnie Tyler is from Swansea, Wales. This was the first record by a Welsh artist to top the US chart.
    –This entered the UK charts at #1, making Tyler the first female singer to do so.
    – When a singer has throat problems severe enough to require surgery, the procedure can often be career threatening. In the case of Bonnie Tyler, however, the nodules that she developed singing in nightclubs in her native Wales turned out to be career making. After her 1976 operation, Tyler’s voice carried a distinctive rasp somewhat reminiscent of Rod Stewart’s, and helped propel her 1978 single, “It’s a Heartache,” into the #3 spot. Five years later, this became a huge hit.
    – The gothic video, with Bonnie Tyler clad all in white, was story-boarded by Jim Steinman and was inspired by the film Future World, the follow-up to the Yul Brunner futuristic thriller Westworld. It was filmed at Holloway Asylum, which was built by a doctor out of the proceeds of a drug he’d invented to help his patients

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