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  • Tosa Inu (6 yrs 6 mth old) vs stray dog (LEARN TO SPEAK DOG II)

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    The stray dog looks friendly and submissive.
    The big dog, a fighting breed, is going to teach him a lesson. Make your bets…..

    Well? Did you win? NO? Then start redefining all you knew about dogs. Forget all you’ve heard on TV about submission and dominance. Keep your mind open.
    Masky , the stray dog is laid-back, friendly, but not submissive.
    The tosa inu or Japanese fighting dog, when outdoors, displays dominance (he was bread for this), but it’s just for the show.

    If the tosa dog wasn’t conditioned by always wearing a muzzle, then he would have soon learned that he can bite. If he’d not been constantly restrained from fighting and rewarded when giving up on a fight, then you might have won your bet!

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