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  • Top Ghost Videos – Real Ghosts Caught on Video Tape – August 2016

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    These are the Top Ghost Videos Caught on Video Tape from our live streams in August 2016. These are Real Ghost Videos, some of the paranormal activity caught on camera were from the following live ghost episodes.

    #3 – The Hosting Game / Boothworld Industries Call – During this live episode Tim calls Boothworld industries, and receives a scary demonic ghost laugh.

    #2 – SlenderMan Ritual – A creepy ghost face is caught on video tape. Right after Tim wen to be a scary ghost face is caught on camera, could this be the SlenderMan?

    #1 – The Haunted Road – Tim and Kristen pull over to the side of the road to conduct an EVP session. Shortly after they get out of the car two ghosts can be seen running towards them, as they both experience paranormal activity.

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